St James Quarter

We are taking a leading role in redefining one of Europe’s most exciting capital cities; we’re a catalyst of change for a new Edinburgh that is shaping a modern Scotland. We are St James Quarter.

The St James Quarter is a new district of the city that connects the existing streetscape to a mixed-use destination of the future – anchored by places and experiences that will draw people from one place to the next – a key component of the map of the city. Boasting a world-class retail, leisure, hotel and residential offer and injecting over £1 billion of investment into Edinburgh, strengthening the city’s global standing by transforming its East End. It will be an inspiring, attractive and vibrant destination for people to live, shop, dine, experience and play.

built in
event spaces
across all transport links
Female model wearing blue and lime top and pink slacks, cropped below head and above knee
Late afternoon, pre-dusk shot of main road junction in Edinburgh
The vision title
Performers at a previous Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Lifestyle shot in Edinburgh
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