About us


St James Quarter’s desire is to create an exceptional destination for all our guests to enjoy. Our goal is to give all our guests an experience beyond expectation on every visit. To ensure a best-in-class atmosphere for all, we respectfully ask you to observe our code of conduct guidelines when visiting us.


  • Our Galleria welcomes pets of all shapes and sizes as long as both owner and pet are respectful of others visitors.
  • Individual retailers, restaurants, and bars determine their own pet policies but you can find participating stores by looking for the paw print in their window. Guide/assistance dogs are usually an exception to this rule.


  • Smoking and vaping are not permitted in the Galleria, however, we offer multiple outdoor spaces designed with seating arrangements and landscaping for our guests where smoking and vaping may take place.


  • The safety of our guests is paramount to our approach to service. We therefore do not allow any cycle, scooter, or skateboard to be ridden within the property.
  • There are multiple outdoor bicycle racks located around St James Quarter for the convenience of our cycling guests. If a guest chooses to cross St James Quarter with a bicycle or other vehicle, they must dismount and push or carry their chosen mode of transport through the development. Find out more about cycling to the Quarter.
  • In line with Scottish law, the use of electrical scooters is not permitted anywhere on the property.
  • Our Guest Mobility team provide mobility scooters and even dog strollers if required.


  • We here at St James Quarter are delighted to host some of the best licensed restaurants and bars in the city, however, alcohol consumption is limited to those premises. Guests must stay within the boundaries of the premises where they have purchased their drinks while consuming any alcohol.

Begging or busking

  • For the comfort of our guests, we will not accept begging activities at St James Quarter.
  • We welcome any application from performers and will evaluate the opportunity and grant busking/performers permission via the management team. Permissions can be requested by emailing events@stjamesquarter.com. This will be the only opportunity to perform at St James Quarter.

Climbing or sitting

  • To keep all our guests safe, please don’t climb or sit on any balustrade, barrier, fence, railing or similar.

Charitable activities & social enterprise

  • At St James Quarter, we are keen to support our community, and any charitable organisation with interest may enquire with our Corporate Social Responsibility committee: CSR@stjamesquarter.com
  • We are enormously proud to have partnered with Health in Mind and Edinburgh Women’s Aid who are our two charity partners.

Filming, photography, leafleting or canvassing

  • Filming or photography for commercial purposes, leafleting, canvassing, or conducting thirdparty interviews or surveys within the boundaries of St James Quarter is not permitted without permission. To request permission to conduct these activities, please email commercialisation@stjamesquarter.com

Anti-social behaviour

  • We reserve the right to address any behaviour that is likely to inconvenience our guests and distract from their overall experience.

Large groups or blocking access

  • Some of our guests at St James Quarter may find large groups intimidating or obstructing on the Galleria, blocking access to any entrance, exit, emergency exit, retail unit, corridor, or parking area. To avoid this, we ask that guests limit numbers to groups of four, any group larger than this may be asked to split up or leave the Quarter.

Spitting, throwing or misbehaviour

  • Guests who are witnessed spitting or throwing anything intentionally may be asked to leave St James Quarter. Guests that are perceived to be engaging in misbehaviour in St James Quarter, which includes ball games, skating, play fighting or running will be asked to refrain from their activities. If the guests persist after being warned by a team member, they will be asked to leave St James Quarter.

Dress code

  • Appropriate clothing such as shirts/tops/trousers and footwear must be worn at all times. Guests will be asked to remove crash helmets and balaclavas, or unnecessary face coverings. The wearing of any item of clothing which restricts the view of one’s head/face (e.g., hoods whist indoors) with the exception of religious or medical headwear is prohibited.


  • Dropping litter in St James Quarter is not permitted. Anyone seen dropping litter may be asked to pick up after themselves or leave the property. This includes the likes of cigarette butts, chewing gum, napkins, or anything else that needs cleaning up.


  • Possession of any type of weapon is prohibited anywhere within St James Quarter and Car Park.


  • At St James Quarter we pride ourselves to develop a fully inclusive community and therefore ask that all guests respect all people, their ideas, and cultures.

Children/vulnerable guests

  • Please always keep an eye on children in your care whilst visiting St James Quarter, our Guest Ambassadors always look out for any children or vulnerable persons. We ask our guests to do the same as safety is a top priority.

Selling goods

  • The selling of goods without St James Quarter’s authorisation is not allowed anywhere within any associated areas.


  • The flying of Drones is not allowed. We are committed to keeping people safe and out of harm’s way when they visit, as well as protecting the security and privacy of our team and guests; this includes inside St James Quarter, within our retail partners’ stores, in the car parks and on adjacent land, or anywhere else within our periphery. If this is for commercial reasons, please don’t hesitate to contact commercialisation@stjamesquarter.com