Maki & Ramen

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday 11:00am-10:00pm


Maki & Ramen strives to pioneer the most authentic innovative Japanese Dining experiences for global communities. Passionately bringing comfort and joy to their customers lives, and ultimately transforming the world one bowl of ramen at a time. A local foodie haven specialising in Maki (sushi) and Ramen (Japanese noodle soup) that has amassed a cult following of ‘Ramen Lovers’. Maki & Ramen aims to preserve the authentic tastes of some of the most celebrated dishes in Japanese Cuisine and showcase them in a playful, sleek, contemporary context. Their team seeks to respectfully share the essence of simplicity and quality with reverence to the cultural roots and stories behind each dish. The Scottish salmon featured within their mouth-watering sushi dishes is sourced from sashimi-grade local Scottish suppliers and their ramen noodles are entirely homemade. All Tonkotsu broth has been boiled for 8 hours to ensure maximum depth of taste and “umami”: the Japanese term for “a pleasant savoury taste”. The colourful post-it note walls featured within all sites allow customers’ creative expressions to merge with the archive of Love notes that remain from the visits of previous Ramen-devotees. The decor, the ‘post-it note walls’ and the warm smiles of the team charm the local community into returning time and time again. Maki & Ramen has been founded on a great sense of trust, honesty and passionate integrity which they wish to maintain throughout every step of their growth. An impressive leading-edge example of how business, hospitality, culture, passion and community can be combined to achieve dining experiences that can inspire hearts and bring value to global communities.